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Revolution of 1978-79, Experiences with Purges and Prison

Interviewer Aqevil, Ardeshir
Location Washington, D.C.
Date December, 1982, and April, 1983
Language Persian
Interviewer Afkhami, Mahnaz
Location Bethesda, Maryland
Date December 12, 1990 and January 10, 1991
Language Persian
Interviewer Afkhami, Mahnaz
Location Juan les Pins, France
Date August 31, 1989
Language Persian
Interviewer Milani, Farzaneh
Location Los Angeles, California
Date November, 1984
Language Persian
Interviewer Afkhami, Mahnaz
Location Moraga, California
Date August 6, 1985
Language Persian
Interviewee Interviewer Location Date Language
Yeganeh Yeganeh, Naser Aqevil, Ardeshir Washington, D.C. December, 1982, and April, 1983 Persian
Pur-Shoja Pur-Shoja, Amir Afkhami, Mahnaz Bethesda, Maryland December 12, 1990 and January 10, 1991 Persian
Jahanshahi Jahanshahi, Gholam-Hossein Afkhami, Mahnaz Juan les Pins, France August 31, 1989 Persian
Dr. Shokuh Milani, Farzaneh Los Angeles, California November, 1984 Persian
Borumand Borumand, Heydar-Qoli Afkhami, Mahnaz Moraga, California August 6, 1985 Persian