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Interview with Jahanshahi, Gholam-Hossein

Family and educational background; practice of law in Iran and involvement in political activities; election to the Majles; on land reform, America’s role in it, and the Shah’s handling of opposition to it; on the character and leadership style of the Shah; Shah’s views on economic development; on Arsanjani and his role in the land reform program; recollections of Asadollah Alam’s premiership; working with Princess Ashraf; on the events of 1963-64; on the increasing consolidation of political power in the Shah’s hands; on the origin and workings of the Pahlavi Foundation; Iran’s economic concerns in the 1970s; internal criticisms of government’s economic policies in the late-1970s; on Amuzegar’s premiership; incarceration prior as well as following the Revolution of 1978-79; recollections of the conditions in Qasr and Evin prisons following the Revolution; on trials, executions and confiscations of property; escape from Iran.

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Gholam-Hosein-Jahanshahi-APt-I Gholam-Hosein-Jahanshahi-English


48pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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