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Interview with Yeganeh, Naser

Recollections of childhood and education in Europe and America; on the history, structure and mode of operation of the judiciary in Iran; working of the Ministry of Justice in Iran; place of religion in Iran’s legal code; role of the judiciary in the operation of the government; issue of women’s rights and the reaction of the judiciary to it; on the Family Protection Law and its implementation; observations on the White Revolution; on the Shah, his powers and his leadership style; on the workings of the cabinet; impact of the events of 1953 on later political decisions; on the causes of the Revolution; attitude of the Islamic Republic toward the judiciary; personal experiences with the Islamic Republic and the revolutionary courts.


Naser-Yeganeh-APt-I Naser-Yeganeh-BPt-II Naser-Yeganeh-CPt-III Naser-Yeganeh-English


145pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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