Women’s Organization of Iran

The Women’s Organization of Iran (WOI) was founded in 1966 by a 5000-member assembly of Iranian women from diverse backgrounds and regions gathered through consultation, brainstorming, and negotiation initiated by a fifty member advisory group tasked by the High Council of Iranian Women’s Associations and its president, Princess Ashraf Pahlavi. “The Ultimate purpose and the mission of the Women’s Organization of Iran,” as stated in Article 1 of its constitution, was “to raise the cultural, social and economic knowledge of the women of Iran and to make them aware of their family, social and economic rights, duties, and responsibilities. Article 2 stated “In order to realize its goals and its mission, the Women’s Organization of Iran shall undertake the following duties: Defending the individual, family and social rights of women to ensure their complete equality in society and before the law.” WOI had a life span of just over 12 years. During this period it became one of the most vibrant and effective agents of change in the status of women in the Global South.

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