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Interview with Ziya’i, Taher

Recollections of childhood and family background; reminiscences of education at Alborz High School; recollections of education in Germany during WWII; beginning entrepreneurial activities; recollections of the events of 1953; recollections of personal encounters with the leading members of the National Front; memory of conversations with Bazargan following the Revolution and Bazargan’s comment on Ayatollah Khomeini; working of the Ministry of Industries and Mines; reminiscences of Ja`far Sharif-Emami, Ali Amini, and Amir Asadollah Alam; origins of industrial planning in Iran; recollections of events leading to the fall of the first Sharif-Emami government; on the formation of the Pahlavi Foundation; working and objectives of the Foundation; on the early months of the Revolution of 1978-79 and the pressure to force the resignation of various government officials; on the implementation of the edicts of the White Revolution and its impact on Iranian industries; on the land reform program and the role of Hasan Arsanjani in its implementation; structure and operation of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce; recollections of the proceedings of the High Economic Council; on industrial planning in Iran, its determinants and its results; on government’s anti-inflation campaign and the emergence of political discontent; personal experiences with the Revolution; on the causes of the Revolution.

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