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Interview with Yar-Afshar, Parviz

Educational background, and recollections of early childhood; recollections of General Fazlollah Zahedi; General Zahedi’s personal characteristics and stature in the armed forces; reasons for Zahedi’s opposition to Mosaddeq’s policies; General Zahedi’s planning of the military operations which led to the removal of the Mosaddeq government; roles of the Shah and CIA in General Zahedi’s plans; on General Zahedi’s paramount role in the events of 1953; on the Shah’s personal traits and leadership style; on the working of the Senate; on the various members of the Iranian political elite; recollections of the White Revolution of 1963 and its social ramifications; memories of arrest and imprisonment after the Revolution of 1978-79.

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56pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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