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Interview with Vaziri, Shahrokh

Educational background; association with the National Front while at high school; structure of the National Front in the 1960s; reaction of the National Front to the events of 1963-64; emergence and growth of the Confederation of Iranian Students (CIS); on the various ideological orientations in CIS; radicalization of CIS; contacts between CIS and foreign political organizations; funding, organization and publications of CIS; CIS’s relations with Ayatollah Khomeini; internal differences in CIS and its consequences; CIS’s relations with Abol-Hasan Bani-Sadr and the Mojahedin; on the roots of the Revolution of 1978-79; recollections of arrest and interrogation by SAVAK; on the Parviz Nikkhah group and its activities; on the events of 1963-64, Ayatollah Khomeini, General Teymur Bakhtiyar and the political climate of that period.

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