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Interview with Varahram, General Karim

Recollections of the formative years of the Iranian armed forces; recollections of Reza Shah, his leadership style, and his relations with the armed forces; fate of the Iranian army during the allied occupation of Iran; on the Azarbayjan crisis of 1945-46; recollections of service in Azarbayjan during the Soviet occupation and the formation of the Pishevari government; on the structure and mode of operation of the Iranian armed forces; recollection of the various leaders of the armed forces, and political leaders of Iran; on the relations between Iran and Iraq following Colonel Qasem’s military coup of 1958; impact of the events of 1963-64 in Fars; recollections of the Senate and assessment of its role in the politics of Iran in the 1970s; on the Shah and impressions of a meeting with him in 1978.

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26pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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