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Interview with Twitchell, General Hamilton A.*

Personal history; early career; first experiences with Iran in 1962; impressions of Iran; views on the Iranian people and their leaders; on the Shah; role of the U.S. Military Advisory Group in Iran; relations between Iran and the U.S. State and Defense Departments; relations between ARMISH-MAAG and the U.S. Embassy in Tehran; U.S.’s security concerns in the Persian Gulf area; Shah’s plans for the Iranian armed forces; relations between the Iranian armed forces and the Iranian society; changes in the Iranian society in the 1960s; impressions of the Iranian armed forces and its leaders; projects implemented by ARMISH-MAAG in the Iranian armed forces; on the sale of equipment and arms by the U.S. to Iran; training and maintenance concerns; on the opposition to the Pahlavi regime in Iran; personal impressions of contemporary Iranian politics.

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124pp. + biographical note + index

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