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Interview with Tiger, M. Gordon

Recollections of early experiences with Iran in the 1950s; on the working of the U.S. Embassy in Iran in the 1950s and early 1960s; Iranian economy in the 1950s; impact of the events of 1953 on U.S.-Iranian relations; on the Point Four Program in Iran; CIA’s assessment of the opposition to the Shah in the 1960s; relations between Iran and Israel in the 1950s; U.S.-Iranian relations in the 1950s; on Secretary McNamara’s position on arms sales to Iran; on Ambassadors Wailes and Holmes; Robert Kennedy’s meeting with student dissidents and its effect on U.S.-Iranian relations; U.S. policy towards Iran in the 1960s; U.S. contacts with Iranian opposition groups; U.S. aid to Iran in the 1960s; on the Shah’s threat to purchase arms from the Soviet Union; effect of the White Revolution on Iranian politics and U.S.-Iranian relations.

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81pp. + biographical note + index

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