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Interview with Shamlu, Maryam

Family and educational background; recollections of schooling in France and England, and experiences with women’s movements in those countries; impressions of the sociopolitical climate at Iranian universities; on the change in the social role of women in Iran in the 1970s; consciousness raising and other activities of the Women’s Organization of Iran (WOI) and their impact on women’s consciousness throughout the country; recollections of political activism among Iranian intellectuals in the 1970s; participating in meetings organized by Abdol-Karim Lahiji and Ali Asghar Haj Seyyed Javadi; women’s role in the revolutionary movement and their reaction to its aftermath; on the views of the National Front leaders on Khomeini; National Front’s policy towards the Bakhtiyar premiership; fate of the WOI after the Revolution; changes in the image of women following the Revolution; on the organization and composition of the demonstrating crowds; women’s rights and the politics of power in revolutionary Iran; impressions of Iran during a trip in 1989; impact of gender segregation on the culture of the educated classes; on women’s condition in post-revolutionary Iran.

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