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Interview with Shahriyari, General Khoda-Rahm

Family, education and military background; enrolling in the Officers Training College; communist cadets in the 1940s; experiences as OTC company commander during the events of 1953; on OTC’s organizational structure and curriculum; serving in Lorestan and Azarbayjan military outposts; as chief of G-3 of the Guards Infantry Division; the Guards’ organizational and functional command relations; on the military mission and deployment of the Guards Infantry Division; as commander of the “Naderi” Infantry Brigade; as acting commandant of OTC; changes in OTC organization and curriculum since the 1940s; as commanding general of the Kurdestan Infantry Division during the Revolution of 1978-79; on the mission and deployment of the Kurdestan Infantry Division; on the personnel morale and the expectations of the military during the Revolution; on the Iraqi armed forces and their military capabilities; recollections of Kurdestan on the day the regime collapsed; on the need for military action months before the Shah’s departure; on various high-ranking military commanders–Generals Hejazi, Azhari, Azimi, Qarabaghi and others; on the attitude of Sunni Kurds towards the Revolution; on the trip from Kurdestan to Tehran the day after the Revolution; on the experience of being arrested and released.

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