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Interview with Shahmirzadi, Hasan

Education and family background; joining Point IV; background and development of public administration as concept and process in Point Four; relations with prime minister’s office and various ministries; personality and role of Ashraf Ahmadi as Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Reorganization; changes in the roles of the Point Four Iranian and American personnel over time; on Iranians in Point Four Program as future leaders in development; on Iran-e No group in the 1950s–membership, future and political evolution; Jamshid Amuzegar, Abdorreza Ansari, Khalil Taleqani as intellectual leaders of development ideology in Iran-e No group; Jamshid Amuzegar as Minister of Agriculture; on the background of the Khuzestan Water and Power Authority (KWPA); role of David Lillienthal and the Development and Resources Corporation in setting up KWPA; IBRD’s conditions for extending $42 million loan to Iran; developing KWPA’s organizational structure and personnel and budget policies; leadership and esprit de corp in KWPA; relations with local governmental units; dealing with the newly established Ministry of Water and Power on policy and problems of turf; Mansur Rowhani as Minister of Water and Power; politics of accommodating central ministries; Shah’s interest and role in the development of Khuzestan; policy of training Iranian cadres to replace foreign experts; relations with the Plan and Budget Organization under different Directors–Abolhasan Ebtehaj, Khosrow Hedayat, Ahmad Aramesh, Safi Asfiya; on Abdorreza Ansari as Managing Director of KWPA and Minister of Interior; on relations with Ahmad Ahmadi as colleague; Abdorreza Ansari at the Ministry of Interior–policies and management techniques; on setting up model city government–councils, managers and mayors; on reasons for leaving public service; on Pars Paper Corporation; on working with Princess Ashraf as managing director of Khezer Shahr Development Project.

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