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Interview with Qadar, General Mansur

Beginning service in the military; recollections of General Qarane’i; recollections of ambassadorship to Jordan and King Hussein’s drive against the Palestinians in 1970; on General Hosein Fardust and his personal characteristics; on General Teymur Bakhtiyar and his political objectives; on the rivalry between Generals Hosein Fardust and Naser Moqaddam; on SAVAK’s possible disloyalty to the Shah in the late 1970s; recollection of the arrest of Iranian revolutionary leaders in Lebanon and SAVAK’s intentional mishandling of the situation; on SAVAK under Generals Hasan Pakravan and Ne`matollah Nasiri; Iran’s regional policy; recollections of Imam Musa Sadr and Mustafa Chamran; on Syria’s message to the Shah regarding the death of Imam Musa Sadr; relations between Imam Musa and the Iranian government; Iran’s relations with Israel and the reaction of Arab governments to it; on the mode of operation of the opposition to the Shah, and SAVAK’s intentional inaction in the face of mounting opposition.

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