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Interview with Parsons, Sir Anthony

Early contacts with Iran; on the events of 1953 and the formation of the Baghdad Pact; on the Shah’s role in resolving the Bahrain issue; Britain’s economic interests in Iran in the 1970s; on Britain’s departure from the Persian Gulf in 1971; Britain’s commercial, industrial and military relations with Iran; recollections of Prime Minister Hoveyda; personal impressions of the Shah and his leadership style; Shah’s view of British policy on Iran; on Iranians’ distrust of the British; recollections of the politicization of university campuses in Iran; on charges of Britain’s complicity in the Iranian Revolution; on Iranian politics in the late 1970s; on various Iranian public figures; on the roots of the Revolution; impressions of Westernization of Iran and its political consequences; assessment of industrial development in Iran; recollections of Iranian politics during the revolutionary upheaval; Shah’s consultations with the interviewee and Ambassador Sullivan; Britain’s position on the Shah’s decision to leave Iran; on the B.B.C.’s alleged role in inciting opposition to the Shah; on Queen Farah.

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134pp. + biographical note + index

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