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Interview with Nurbakhsh, Javad

Family background and upbringing; recollections of Kerman; relations between various religious groups in Kerman; on the Ne`matollahi order and history; on becoming a Sufi; succession in the Ne`matollahi order; on Zahiroddowleh and Safi Ali Shah; on the effect of the Revolution on Sufism; Islamic Republic’s policy toward Ne`matollahis; Pahlavi regime’s policy toward Ne`matollahis; on the role of Ne`matollahis in Persian culture; on the role of Ne`matollahis in the Constitutional Revolution of 1905-06; the Ne`matollahi order outside Iran; Ne`matollahis’ attitude and policy toward women; on teaching of psychology in Iran.

Part 1


Javad Nurbakhsh- pdf


14 pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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