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Interview with Niyazmand, Reza

Family and educational background; on industrial development in Iran during the Reza Shah period; German contribution to industrial development in Iran; industrial planning and development in Iran; on the Plan and Budget Organization in the 1950s; Plan and Budget Organization under Abol-Hasan Ebtehaj; industrial planning at the Ministry of Economy; on Ali Naqi Alikhani as Minister of Economy; on the rise of the automobile industry in Iran; on industrial planning and the private sector in Iran; on education of the industrial and business managers in Iran; on the High Economic Council and the role of the Shah therein; balance-sheet of Alikhani’s management of Iran’s economic planning; on the promise and perils of import substitution strategy in industrial development; impact of industrial planning on the Iranian economy and society; extent of infrastructure and capital development during the Pahlavi period; myths and realities of industrial economic development in the Pahlavi period; on the Sarcheshmeh Copper Company; working with the private sector on behalf of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

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