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Interview with Nevisi, Colonel Yazdan

Personal background; joining the military; structure and functions of the Imperial Guards; duties and working of the Immortal Guard; reminiscences of the imperial court and its working; impressions of the personal traits of the Shah; recollections of the personal qualities of Queen Farah; on the Queen’s duties and travels; preparations for the Shah’s final departure from Iran; on the Shah’s reaction to street demonstrations; recollections of the royal family’s stay in exile in the first months following the Revolution; attitudes of President Sadat of Egypt and King Hasan of Morocco toward the Shah; Shah’s relations with Prime Minister Bakhtiyar while in exile; Shah’s physical condition and psychological perseverance in exile; attempt on the Shah’s life; Shah’s opinion of various Iranian political leaders and government officials.

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Yazdan-Nevisi-A-I Yazdan-Nevisi-B-II Yazdan-Nevisi-Eng


45pp. + summary + biographical note + index

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