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Interview with Mosaddeqi, Taqi

Educational and family background; employment with the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC); structure and operations of AIOC; on the development of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC); on the National Iranian Gas Company and its operations; recollections of the leading managers of NIOC; changes in the structure and operations of NIOC following the rise in the price of oil; technological and economic linkages between NIOC operations and the industrial sector of the economy; assessment of the organizational and operational procedures at NIOC; impact of Iran’s gas industry on the other economic sectors; on the negotiations with the Soviet Union over the sale of gas; assessment of Iran’s economic development policies; on the balance-sheet of the Plan and Budget Organization; on decision making in Iran’s economic sector; relations between industries and government organizations and ministries.

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35pp. + summary + biographical note + index

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