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Interview with Mokhateb-Rafi`i, General Habibollah

Family background; recollections of the elementary school days with young Crown Prince Mohammad Reza; on the Crown Prince as a child and as fellow student; joining the armed forces; recollections of Iran’s occupation during WWII; on General Mohammad Shahbakhti; on General Shahbakhti’s suppression of the Qashqa’is and British intervention on the latter’s behalf; on the development of the Iranian armed forces and their absorption of modern technology; on Generals Mohammad Vali Qarane’i, Abdollah Hedayat and Ahmad Vosuq; on the Codes and Communications Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs; on problems within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; on the Iranian Embassy in Washington; on Ambassador Ardeshir Zahedi; on the character of reports sent to Tehran; on Bakhtiyar’s premiership and his choice of General Fereydun Jam to head the Ministry of War; on the take-over of the Iranian Embassy in Washington by revolutionary forces; on the Embassy’s policy toward the opposition in the U.S.; SAVAK’s operations in the U.S.

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