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Interview with Mohtadi, General Ali Akbar

Family and education background; on the Siyasi (political) High School in Tehran; recollection of Ali Akbar Davar and his reforms of the judiciary during Reza Shah’s rule; reasons for Abdol-Hosein Teymurtash and Davar’s deaths; on Reza Shah, his character, and his rule; recollection of prosecuting Reza Shah’s niece in the city of Babol; on the armed forces’ Judicial Administration; on the trials of Razmara and Gholam Hosein Foruhar in military court; recollections of General Razmara and his premiership; on Razmara’s oil policy; on the meeting between Razmara and Mosaddeq; Razmara’s relations with the National Front and the imperial court; on Razmara’s political ambitions; Razmara’s assassination; on Ernest Perron and General Hossein Fardust; on General Qarane’i’s coup plot; on the authorship of Twenty Three Years.

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