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Interview with Moayyed-Sabeti, Parvin

Family background and upbringing; first involvements with charity work; recollections of the status of women in Mashhad in the 1930s; on the resistance to the abrogation of veiling in 1936; beginnings of women’s rights movements in Iran; recollections of Princess Ashraf; political activities of Iranian women; reminiscences of the working of Women’s Organization of Iran; on the change of attitudes towards women in the late 1970s; activities with Iranian youth; on Prime Minister Hoveyda’s projects for the youth and their balance-sheets; preparations for the Asian Games of 1974; on the construction of the Olympic Village; on the construction industry in Iran; recollections of Prime Minister Hoveyda; experiences with the Revolution; life in exile.

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27 pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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