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Interview with Miklos, Jack*

Overview of U.S.-Iranian relations; U.S. policy towards Iran; on Iran’s policy of arms procurement; on the Shah and his leadership style; assessment of the political stability of the Pahlavi regime in the 1970s; on academia’s criticisms of U.S. policy towards Iran; U.S. information gathering in Iran; working of the U.S. Embassy in Iran; on Ambassadors Helms and Sullivan; political analysis at the Embassy in Tehran; debates between U.S. political officers at the Embassy on the future of Iranian politics; Iran’s regional policy; economic planning in Iran and its political implications; on CIA operations in Iran; relations between the Embassy staff and opposition groups; on U.S. policy making on Iran; on U.S.-Iranian economic and private investment relations in the 1970s; U.S. policy towards Iran during the Carter presidency; revolutionary movement and the U.S. reaction to it; balance-sheet of U.S.-Iranian relations.

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