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Interview with Metrinko, Michael*

Family and educational background; memories of work as Peace Corp volunteer in Iran in the early 1970s; on Iran’s Kurds; on Iran’s Literacy Corps; Iranian political attitudes in the 1970s; on the U.S. Embassy’s Visa Section in Tehran; On the socioeconomic change in Iran in the l970s; on the U.S. Embassy operations in Iran; on the political activities of the U.S. Consulate in Tabriz; on the opposition, demonstrations and riots in Tabriz in l977-78; on the Rastakhiz Party in Tabriz; on pro-government demonstrations; on the burning of Cinema Rex in Abadan; public attitude toward the U.S.; U.S. Embassy’s reactions to the events; on rumors of large-scale resignations of Iranian Air Force officers in Tabriz and Shiraz; emergence of revolutionary organizations in Tabriz; take-over of the Consulate in Tabriz by the revolutionaries; U.S. policy toward the new political order; first occupation of the Embassy and revolutionary factions’ rivalry for its control; U.S. Embassy take-over and the taking of the hostages; memories of stay in Iran as a hostage.

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