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Interview with Majidi, Abdol-Majid

Recollections of first meetings with Hasan Ali Mansur and Amir Abbas Hoveyda; on Hoveyda’s leadership style and management of the cabinet and the government; origins of the Rastakhiz Party and the Shah’s conception of it; public’s reaction to the Rastakhiz Party; Shah’s position on the role and future of the Rastakhiz Party; relations between the Shah and the cabinet; on the Shah’s personality and leadership style; on the causes of the Revolution; workings of the Plan and Budget Organization; on the development of economic planning in Iran; Abol-Hasan Ebtehaj and the Plan and Budget Organization; relations between economic planning and government operations; recollections of Jamshid Amuzegar; assessment of Hoveyda’s premiership; Hoveyda’s relations with the Shah; Hoveyda’s incarceration, freedom, and later voluntary return to prison after the Revolution; on Hoveyda’s attempt to defend himself in a public forum.

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