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Interview with Kowsari, Hamid

Family and educational background; beginnings of politcal activity in Iran; on the National Front’s protests of 1959-60; on student activism in the U.S.; on the consolidation of CIS in the U.S.; history of CIS–differences between CIS organization and leadership in U.S. and in Europe; early ideological orientation of CIS in the U.S.; early factions in CIS in the U.S.; radicalization of CIS in the U.S.; on tensions in the National Front in Iran in 1964-65; on Mostafa Chamran; on the division of students between the left and the Islamic forces; structure and working of CIS; changes in CIS in the 1970s; ideological factors affecting factionalism in CIS; Iranian government and CIS; CIS in Europe; on the CIS break-up; CIS and the Islamic revolution.

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