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Interview with Jazayeri, Shamseddin

Reflections on his youth and early government service; memories of the occupation of Iran during WWII; as emissary between Reza Shah and the Germans; recollections of Esma`il Mer’at, his tenure at the Ministry of Culture and Arts, and his relations with the Baha’is; memories of Arthur Millspaugh and the Ministry of Finance at the time; recollections of the premiership of General Razmara and his cabinet; on the oil contract proposals; conversations with the Shah and Prime Minister Amini on oil; Razmara’s inability to resolve the oil dispute and his subsequent assassination; recollections of Ayatollah Borujerdi, and the cleric’s concerns over the spread of Baha’ism; on the issue of the influence of Baha’is at the Ministry of Culture and Arts, and its political consequences; tenure of office as governor of Khorasan; confrontations with the National Front in Khorasan; relations between security forces and the religious establishment in Mashhad.

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35pp. + summary + biographical note + index

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