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Interview with Jafrudi, Kazem

Recollections of childhood, education history, and early career; recollections of Iran during the Reza Shah period; trials and tribulations of early political career; recollections of trial and imprisonment for political activities; on Iranian politics during the Pahlavi era; memories of Tehran University; evolution of academic standards at the University; on the Tudeh Party and its activities; on the gradual politicization of Tehran University; recollection of various chancellors of the University; reasons for growth of dissent in university campuses in Iran; balance-sheet of higher education planning in Iran; on meetings with various political leaders in 1978-79; on the working of Ministry of Science and Higher Education; recollections of employment at the Central Bank of Iran; on construction contracting in Iran; on the pattern of city planning and development in Iran; policy-making in the National Front in 1978-79; beginnings of the National Front; recollections of the Shah, Mosaddeq and other Iranian political leaders; membership in the Mardom Party; recollections of the Majles; on the meetings between army commanders and opposition leaders in 1979 prior to the Revolution; on the Bakhtiyar premiership; National Front and the Revolution; on General Naser Moqaddam; on General Abbas Qarabaghi and the decision to neutralize the armed forces; role of Mehdi Bazargan in shaping the course of events; recollections of Ayatollah Beheshti and his relations with the National Front; recollections of events following the Iranian Revolution and reminiscences of hiding, incarceration, and subsequent escape from Iran; National Front activities after the Revolution.

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74 pp. + summary + biographical note + index

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