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Interview with Homayun, Daryush

Recollections of childhood; political activism among Iranian youth in the 1940s; nationalism in Iran during the Reza Shah period; establishing the Ayandegan Daily; government restrictions on the operation of newspapers; reminiscences of the activities of the Franklin Institute in Tehran; on the formation of a writers’ association; on the nature and extent of political socialization of Iranians during the Pahlavi period; changes in the political orientation of Iranians during the late Pahlavi period; on Hoveyda’s premiership; origins, workings and agenda of the Rastakhiz Party; premiership of Jamshid Amuzegar; on Ettela`at Newspaper’s inflammatory article against Ayatollah Khomeini in 1977; recollections of the Iranian political scene in the months leading to the Revolution.

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Darisuh-Homayoun-APt-I Dariush-Homayoun-English


54pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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