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Interview with Ghaffari, Farrokh

Recollections of childhood and early education; studies in France; participation in the activities of the Tudeh Party; recollections of Malekoshsho`ara-ye Bahar’s involvement with the Tudeh Party; history of cinema in Iran; on censorship in the film industry in Iran; artistic tastes of the directors and the public’s response to them; assessment of the Iranian cinema over the past four decades; activities of the Ministry of Culture and Arts; establishment of the National Iranian Radio and Television Organization; NIRT’s structure and objectives; NIRT’s relations with other governmental bodies in general and SAVAK in particular; on the Shiraz Art Festival; Festival’s aims, achievements and shortcomings.

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Farrokh-Ghaffari-BPt-II Farrokh-Ghaffari-APt-I Farrokh-Ghaffari-English


98pp. + summary + biographical note + supplementary material + ind

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