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Interview with Ghaffari, Abbas

Family background; memories of childhood, and educational history; early career in Iran; on SAVAK; employment at National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC); NIOC’s recruitment policies; Americanization of the education of NIOC managers; NIOC’s scholarship policies and the Iranianization of the personnel; social composition of Iranian students in the U.S. in the 1960s and the 1970s; recollection of the activities of the Confederation of Iranian Students; NIOC scholarship holders’ participation in student activism; NIOC’s U.S. representation and its functions; relations between NIOC and major oil companies; role of oil in the making of Iranian politics; NIOC after the Revolution of 1978-79; recollections of the take-over of the NIOC New York office by revolutionary elements.

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Abbas-Ghaffari-A-I Abbas-Ghaffari-Eng


35pp. + summary + biographical note + index

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