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Interview with Ganjbakhsh, Amir Hosein

Family and educational background; high school and university education in Tehran; studying for doctorate in physics in France; beginning political activity against the regime in the 1970s at Tehran Polytechnic; inclining toward Sazeman-e Fadayian-e Khalq-e Iran (Organization of Iranian People’s Guerrillas); joining the Peykar Organization; on the relative influences of leftist and religious student organizations at Tehran Polytechnic; continuing political activity in France; on the Peykar Organization’s negative assessment of Khomeini and the Islamic Republic; on the relationship and communication between members of Peykar Organization in France and the Organization’s Central Committee in Tehran; recruiting students and workers for Peykar Organization in Tehran in 1980; Peykar’s position on the Iran-Iraq war, other leftist organizations, and the Islamic Republic; on considering Albania as the only ideal model for a communist society; splintering in the Peykar Organization; on the fate of Organization’s inner core of cadres; on the number of cadres executed by the Islamic Republic; joining the Iranian Committee for the Defense of Human Rights; membership in the executive committee of Jomhurikhahan-e Melli-e Iran ( National Republicans of Iran); political and philosophical doubts about and reconsideration of communism, Islamic Revolution and the Shah’s regime.

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