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Interview with Farkhan, Hushang

Educational background and remembrances of travel to the U.S. for education; recollections of activities of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company; formation of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC); assessment of the merits of the oil contracts entered into by NIOC; on the nationalization of oil and the assassination of Prime Minister Razmara; technical concerns surrounding the nationalization issue; natural gas agreement with the Soviet Union; on NIOC Managing Directors Abdollah Entezam and Manuchehr Eqbal; workings of NIOC; security concerns in oil operations in Iran; policy-making process in the NIOC; on the Shah’s interest in NIOC operations; on oil and the Revolution; assessment of industrial planning in Iran in the Pahlavi period; Shah’s role in the OPEC and its pricing policy; role of oil in the foreign policy of Iran.

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Houshang-Farkhan-APt-I Houshang-Farkhan-BPt-II


69pp. + summary + biographical note + index

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