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Interview with Dowlatshahi, Mehrangiz

Family background, education, and memories of childhood; recollections of the status of women in the 1930s; memories of Reza Shah and his court; on the campaign against veiling during Reza Shah’s reign; life in Germany during WWII; establishment of Women’s Organization of Iran (WOI), and the emergence of active lobbying for women’s rights; creation of various women’s associations and their activities; Rah-e No Society and its membership; WOI’s base of support; WOI’s international activities; recollection of the debate on the Family Protection Law; lobbying for women’s enfranchisement in 1963 and the government’s resistance to the idea; personal recollections of the Pahlavi family; women’s issues and the various Iranian political parties; on the Hezb-e Demokrat-e Iran; extent of participation of Iranian women’s organizations in international forums; on the workings of the Majles; ambassadorship to Denmark; activities of the Confederation of Iranian Students in Denmark; relations between Iran and Denmark; political concerns of Iran at international women’s forums; recollections of the Shah’s marriage to Queen Farah; opinion and memories of Farrokhru Parsa, Amir Abbas Hoveyda and other Iranian political personages; on the Revolution of 1978-79.

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