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Interview with Bani-Ahmad, Ahmad

Family’s political and religious history; founding of the Asr-e Tabriz Newspaper; association with the Toilers of Iran and Third Force parties; participation in the elections to the Majles on a Rastakhiz Party ticket; on the political elite of Iran in the 1970s; assessment of the Amuzegar premiership; on the Shah’s attempts at liberalizing the political system; impact of President Carter’s human rights policies on Iran; on the causes of the Revolution of 1978-79; on the workings of the Majles; recollections of relations between Ayatollah Seyyed Kazem Shari`atmadari and the government; on forming his own independent party; Tabriz riots of 1977; politics of choosing a prime minister in the months preceding the Revolution; Shari`atmadari’s position after the Revolution; memories of prison after the Revolution; underlying trends in the political consciousness of Azarbayjan.

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