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Interview with Banani, Amin

Recollections of childhood in Iran; family life, education and social relations in the Baha’i community in Iran; social problems and limitations faced by the Baha’i community; relations between the government and the Baha’i community; on criticism of the Baha’i faith by Kasravi; profession of faith and extent of dissimulation in Baha’ism; on the demographic distribution of Baha’is in Iran; structure of the Baha’i social and religious organization; on the major figures in Baha’i history; myth and reality in charges of Baha’is occupying high office in Iran; on the Islamic Republic and the Baha’i faith.

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Amin-Banani-APt-I Amin-Banani-English


39pp. + summary + biographical note + index

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