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Interview with Bakhtiyar, Aqa Khan

Reminiscences of childhood; life in the Bakhtiyari tribe; relations between the Bakhtiyaris, the central government and the oil interests in Khuzestan; on the events of 1963-64; on the Entezam brothers, Hosein Ala, Hasan Ali Mansur and Amir Abbas Hoveyda; on the Shah’s persona and his leadership style; on the economic and political conditions of the tribal populations of Iran; on the meeting between President Kennedy and General Teymur Bakhtiyar; reasons for General Bakhtiyar’s dismissal and his later activities outside Iran; on legislations in labor related issues; on the National Iranian Oil Company.

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Aqakhan-Bakhtiyar-A-I Aqakhan-Bakhtiyar-B-II Aqakhan-Bakhtiyar-Eng


71pp. + summary + biographical note + index

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