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Interview with Baheri, Mohammad

Reminiscences of childhood in Shiraz; changes in the educational system under Reza Shah; education at Tehran University; political climate in the university at the time; career at the Ministry of Justice; membership in the Tudeh Party; on the Iranian political elite; on the political culture of Iran; pro-German sympathies in Iran before WWII; on Reza Shah’s modernization policies; association with Amir Asadollah Alam; recollections of the leadership of the Tudeh Party; personal experiences with the Shah; recollections of the occupation of Iran during WWII; on the organizational procedures of the Tudeh Party in Shiraz; origin, history and program of the Rastakhiz Party; Amnesty International’s debates with Iranian government over the human rights issue; relations between the government and the religious establishment in the Pahlavi period; on the Ettela`at Newspaper’s article against Ayatollah Khomeini; reflections on Amir Asadollah Alam; recollection of a confrontation with Mozaffar Firuz.

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