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Interview with Amir-Shahy, Mashid

Recollections of early childhood; memories of primary school, family and social life; reminiscences of adolescence and interactions of boys and girls; family’s intellectual and political tendencies; education in England; recollections of marriage, children and divorce; society’s reaction to her divorce; career as a writer; reactions of society and colleagues to her writing; politicization of contemporary literature and the role of dissent in popularizing writers; religious observance among Iranian women; on Al-e Ahmad, Shari`ati and Motahhari; communist activism in Iran; Tudeh Party and the intelligentsia; on the group of “Fifty Three” and their characteristics; origins of the Revolution of 1978-79; Khomeini and the intellectuals; on the Jaleh Square incident; recollections of the revolutionary turmoil.

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Mahshid-Amirshahi-APt-I Mahshid-Amirshahi-BPt-II Mahshid-Amirshahi-CPt-III Mahshid-Amirshahi-English


85pp. + summary + biographical note + supplementary material + ind

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