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Interview with Amini, Ali

Joining Mosaddeq’s cabinet; Mosaddeq’s views on monarchy and his feelings for the Shah; Mosaddeq’s personal traits; relations between Ahmad Qavam and Mohammad Mosaddeq; oil and Iranian politics; on the events of 1953; on General Fazlollah Zahedi; negotiations over the oil consortium agreement; relations between the Shah and General Zahedi; Shah’s personal traits; events leading to his premiership; personal relations with the Shah; on President John F. Kennedy’s support for his premiership; an assessment of the intelligence-gathering capabilities of the state; Shah’s views on military budget and arms procurement policies; on the origins of the land reform program of 1963 and its consequences; U.S.’s position on the land reform issue; on Hasan Arsanjani; on the events of 1963-64; on the Shah’s decision-making in the months leading to the Revolution; politics of choosing a prime minister in the months preceding the Revolution; role of the military in the revolutionary ordeal; on the Shah’s illness; crises created by the Shah’s close associates; President Jimmy Carter’s position on Iran’s revolutionary situation; Shah’s aversion to the use of force in situations of crisis; on Hoveyda’s premiership; on OPEC, the Arabs, the Iranian armed forces, and the future of Iran.

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