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Interview with Alavi-Kiya, General Hasan

Career during the Mosaddeq premiership and recollections of the events of 1953; on the disappearance and murder of General Mahmud Afshartus; relations between Mosaddeq and the military intelligence units; on the decision to establish SAVAK; Tudeh Party operations after the events of 1953; divisions within the Tudeh Party; on Mozaffar Baqa’i-Kermani; relations between Ali Amini and SAVAK; Tudeh Party’s infiltration of the armed forces; joining “Kuk” secret organization in the military; on the structure and history of the Iranian armed forces; methods of intelligence gathering and infiltration of the Tudeh Party; on training Iran’s intelligence officers and agents; structure and mode of organization of SAVAK; characteristics and psychology of SAVAK officers and agents; relations between SAVAK and military intelligence; on General Vali Mohammad Qarane’i; General Hosein Fardust’s role in the security establishment; on the meeting between General Teymur Bakhtiyar and President John F. Kennedy and its aftermath; on General Hasan Pakravan’s tenure as chief of SAVAK, and the events of 1963-64; SAVAK’s operations in Europe; infiltration of the Confederation of Iranian Students; on General Ne`matollah Nasiri’s management of SAVAK; Parviz Sabeti’s role in SAVAK; SAVAK’s operations among religious and ethnic groups, foreign intelligence operations, relations with other intelligence agencies; SAVAK’s relations with the Shah.

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