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Interview with Ahmadi, Ahmad-Ali

Family and educational background’ first experiences with the Iranian governmental bureaucracy; joining the Khuzestan Water and Power Authority; David Lillienthal’s role in planning and administering KWPA; problems and processes of dam construction on the Dez and Karun Rivers; structural and functional characteristics of the Mohammad Reza Shah Dam on the Dez River; development of electric power grids; Haft-Tappeh Sugar Cane Project; on methods of improving techniques of cutting canes; on water-shed management; on developing human resources to replace foreign experts; on various agro-business associated with KWPA; on Abdorreza Ansari’s qualities as manager and leader; on Hasan Shahmirzadi and other collagues at KWPA; on organizational relations with central ministries and Khuzestan governorate; on the various managers of the Plan and Budget Organization; on Minister Rowhani; on the Natural Resources Ministry’s mission; on Minister Naser Golsorkhi’s role in Environmental Protection; on the International Agro-Business Corporation of Iran and its operations in Khuzestan; working as consulting engineer for Dasht-e reorganizing the Ministry; concepts and principles governing the reorganization process; on the Amuzegar cabinet; assessment of the agriculture policy and development in Iran in the 1960s and 1970s.

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