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Interview with Afkhami, Mahnaz

Founding of the Organization of University Women; history and structure of the Women’s Organization of Iran (WOI); meeting with Princess Ashraf and the role of the Princess in women’s issues; evolution of a free electoral process in WOI; evolution of the ideology and organizational structure of WOI; WOI’s School of Social Welfare; legal reforms, the Family Protection Law and the opposition to it; the Shah’s opinions on the women’s issues; WOI’s presence in the rural areas; rural cooperatives and literacy; consciousness raising as the most notable achievement of WOI; WOI and women in the labor force; National Plan of Action: its concept, structure and implementation mechanisms; WOI’s audience; veiling and the politics of dissent; role as Minister of State and utility of influence in government circles for women’s affairs; decision-making process in the cabinet; on the Shah and the cabinet ministers; Hoveyda’s character and performance; Jamshid Amuzegar as prime minister; recollections of Queen Farah and Princess Ashraf; on the Shah’s personality; importance of the presence of women in high government positions for the advancement of causes advocated by women; on the causes of the Revolution of 1978-79; role of women in the Revolution.

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