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Interview with Afkhami, Gholam Reza

Family and educational background; student politics in Tehran in the 1940s and early 1950s; on Mosaddeq’s premiership and the nationalization of oil; role of leftists, nationalists and religious elements in the nationalization of oil movement; character and extent of socioeconomic development of Iran during the last twenty years of the Shah’s regime; factors important in the Iranian Revolution of 1978-79; on the Rastakhiz Party; 1975 parliamentary elections under Rastakhiz; on Prime Minister Hoveyda’s tenure of office; working with Jamshid Amuzegar in the Ministry of Interior; theory, strategy and organization of Iranian national campaign against illiteracy; on the debates over the issues of decentralization of power and political participation in Iran in the 1970s; on the Shah’s character traits; on the Revolution.

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73pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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