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Interview with Abasalti-Mirhashem, Pari

Family background and educational history; recollections of the early years of Ettela`at-e Banovan Magazine; experiences with the Women’s Organization of Iran;on clashes between the women’s rights groups and the ulama; educational problems facing Iranian women; participation in the parliamentary elections as candidate of the Rastakhiz Party from Tehran; recollections of the Majles during the Rastakhiz period; on the confrontation between the revolutionary forces and Ettela`at Newspaper; Majles during the Revolution; Iranian women and the Revolution; on life in exile.

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Pari-Abasalti-Mirhashem-APt-I Pari-Abasalti-Mirhashem-BPt-II Pari-Abasalti-Mirhashem-English


30pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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