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Interview with Aalam, Abdol-Madjid

Family and educational background; recollection of first meeting with “Mohammad Reza Khan,” son of then Reza Khan Sardar Sepah; recollection of first presentation to Crown Prince Mohammad Reza; childhood friendship with the Crown Prince; on Crown Prince’s character, habits, customs; recollection of first presentation to Mohammad Reza Shah in 1945; on the Shah’s relations with personal friends; on the Shah’s manner and routine of passing his leisure time in the 1940s; recollection of the Shah during the Mosaddeq era; on the Shah’s close friends in the 1940s; on the Shah and his personal friends–Amir-Hushang Davallu, General Karim Ayadi, General Mohammad Khatami, Professor Yahya Adl–in the 1960s and 1970s; on the Shah’s habit of separating work and leisure; Shah’s assessment of his own personality; on the Shah’s character traits; on the Shah’s reaction to General Khatami’s death; on the last evening before the Shah’s departure from Iran in 1979; on teaching at Tehran University in the 1940s; on Mehdi Bazargan as the Dean of the School of Technology at Tehran University; on the relationship between the private sector and the Plan Organization; on the directors of the Plan Organization: Ahmad Zangeneh, Abolhasan Ebtehaj, Khosro Hedayat, and Safi Asfia; on Professor Yahya Adl.

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