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Interview with Sarfaraz, Hosein

Family and educational background; recollections of student years and classmates at Tehran University in the 1950s; a recollection of Sa`idi Sirjani; going into journalism; debates on modern poetry (She`r-e now) in the 1950s; on Fereydun Tavallali’s poetry; on the literary circles of Tehran in the 1950s; development of theater in the 1950s; on technical changes in newspaper printing; on the political culture of journalism in Iran and its evolution after the events of 1953; on the nature, extent and ambience of censorship in the media; on Kayhan and Ettela`at Corporations; on the left in the newspapers in the 1960s and 1970s; Media and the Hoveyda government; on Amir Taheri’s appointment as editor of Kayhan and the leftist take-over of Kayhan in the 1970s; on Ali Asghar Amirani and the Khandaniha magazine; on financial sources of support of media; on the competition between the printed media and radio and television; on the Ettela`at article on the Ayatollah Khomeini; on the Rastakhiz daily newspaper; on newspapers before and after the Revolution.

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