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Interview with Pejman, Colonel Issa

Intelligence activities against Tudeh Party cells in the military; recollections of General Razmara’s premiership; on the events of 1953; structure and operations of SAVAK’s Kurdish Affairs Bureau; recollections of Mulla Mustafa Barzani; on the plan for joint Iranian, American and Israeli assistance to the Iraqi Kurds; on the contacts between Iranian and Iraqi Kurds; recollections of General Teymur Bakhtiyar and his activities in Iraq; impact of the military coup of 1958 in Iraq on Iran-Iraq relations; rapport between Iran and Iraq during the Qasem and Aref regimes; recollections of Aref’s trip to Iran; memory of a meeting with Saddam Hossein; on the Algiers Accord of 1975.

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Issa-Pejman-APt-I Issa-Pejman-BPt-II Issa-Pejman-English-Pt-II


64pp. + summary + biographical note + index

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