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Interview with Nasr-Esfahani, Asadollah

Family and educational history; as Governor of Kerman; on the office of the Governor and its relations with the people; on centralization of power and extent of regional administrative autonomy; as Governor of Fars; relations between the Governor’s office and the religious and tribal establishments; on the Shiraz Art Festival; on the Ministry of Interior during the Amuzegar premiership; on decision-making in the cabinet; Cinema Rex incident and Amuzegar’s resignation; on the choice of General Naser Moqaddam to head SAVAK; Shah’s views on Generals Hosein Fardust and Abbas Qarabaghi; on the premiership of Shapur Bakhtiyar; Shah’s stay at Cornell University Hospital in New York; on the Imperial Commission.

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Assadlah-Nasr-Esphahani-APt-I Assadolah-Nasr-Esphahani-English


27pp. + summary + biographical note + index

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