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Interview with Naderpur, Nader

Recollections of childhood and family relations; beginnings of literary career; memories of September 1941 and the occupation of Iran; nationalist sentiments and political activities among the youth in the l940s; resurgence of the Tudeh Party and its youth organizations; establishment of the Pan-Iranist Party; joining the Tudeh Party; Tudeh Party’s structure and political activities; literary and cultural activities of the Tudeh Party; secessionism in Azarbayjan and the Tudeh Party; artistic and literary climate in the 1940s; recollections of the events of 1953; travel and stay in Europe; participation in the activities of the press and writers’ organizations upon return to Iran; employment at the National Iranian Radio and Television Organization (NIRT); NIRT and the revolutionary upheaval; on the Queen Farah Foundation; on politically committed literature; recollections of a meeting with Ayatollah Khomeini; Khomeini’s persona and its evolution over the years.

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89pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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